Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog not related to Disney, so I’d thought I’d take a moment and talk about some new things going on in my life.

Anyone who new me a year ago might be incredibly surprised at who I am today. In fact, I’m surprised at who I’ve become. I’m way more outgoing and more willing to try new thing. I drink and have causal sex.

I just turned 26 this past weekend, and celebrated with an evening of debauchery.

At 5pm I began my evening at Nellies. I had received a $10 off coupon from them, and when I informed Eric, he told me of their crazy happy hour deals. So I said, the evening would start there! With $1.00 drinks for the first hour ($2 at 6 and $3 at 7), I never even got to the $10 point.

While there I was joined by Eric and two other friends. We drank for a couple hours and headed to the party. Café Japone for Karaoke. Here I was joined by friends from work, friends from school and friends of friends. Totaling 18 people! We drank and sang lots of songs.

As always, I took Karaoke way to serious. I sang Defying Gravity from Wicked, Walking in Memphis and Like a Prayer. I totally rocked out during Defying Gravity, even got a round of applause from the other group that was at the bar.

Person number 19 joined us just for a drink. #19 was a guy that I had met the week before at Cobalt. We hooked up on the dance floor and found out way back to my apartment. So when #19 joined me at my birthday party, I was excited.

The guests waned a bit and about eight of us trekked over to Cobalt for more drinking and dancing. Drinks were free until midnight, so we were all double fisting until the end of free drinking. Then dancing!

Again he guests began leaving, I saw lots of coupling happening and one surprise couple (between the two straight, single people!) One of my favorite parts of the night was trying to break up one of my friends from "coupling" with someone I knew from undergrad. It was like a stealth mission, and really had fun plotting ways to separate them! As the night wore on, I coupled with #19 as we were left on the dance floor, for the rest of the guests left.

By about 1:30 (after drinking for about 7 hours) I was exhausted, so I went home (early enough to hit the metro). #19 and I almost missed the stop as we had both fallen asleep!

#19 is a cool guy (I saw him three times last week, and hopefully will see him a bunch more soon).

Well that’s it for now, that was my night of dancing, drinking and sexing.