Monday, October 28, 2013

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Metropolis: Ron Weasley v. Scooby Doo

Name: Ron Weasley
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: The Burrow
Known For: Being Ginger
Strength: Being a strong friend, killer chess skills
Weakness: Snogging with skanky girls
Wins: - 


Name: Scooby Doo
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: Coolsville
Known For: Solving mysteries
Strength: Great friend
Weakness: Always hungry and scared
Wins: - 

Ron is an awesome character, he is very real: lazy, horny, funny. He wins a chess game against Dame Maggie Smith's best game. He helps save the world from the worst wizard in history. And despite his poor upbringing, he doesn't let it get him down (mostly) and becomes the every man hero. Scooby on the other hand, eats a lot and runs away from men pretending to be ghosts. But who didn't want to be Shaggy with a talking dog side kick (well actually I wanted to be Velma, but that's another story). Scooby blunders his way through every mystery, as does Ron. This round of Epicness goes to Scooby, because he and Ron are very similar, but is a talking dog.

Conclusion: Ron Weasley v Scooby Doo

Monday, October 21, 2013

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Magic Kingdom: Mario Mario v. Robert Langdon

Name: Mario Mario
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: Mushroom Kingdom
Known For: Finding his princess
Strength: Magic mushrooms
Weakness: Three hits
Wins: - 


Name: Robert Langdon
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: Boston, Mass
Known For: Writing a lot of books about iconology
Strength: Knowing a lot of random bits of information about paintings
Weakness: Falling in love with any given woman
Wins: - 

Mario Mario (commonly called "Mario") revolutionized American gaming, and has been a staple in my gaming library for the better part of 20 years. Robert Langdon is an art history professor that gets drawn into many adventures (much like Mario). And by the end of each of their stories, they always seem to be in love. This round goes to Langdon though, as he has a job I would want.

Conclusion: Mario Mario v Robert Langdon

Monday, October 14, 2013

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Bayside: Kimberly Hart v Ash Ketchum

Name: Kimberly Hart
A.K.A.:  Pink Ranger
Hometown: Angel Grove, CA
Known For: Kicking ass in pink spandex
Strength: Gymnastic and never-give-up attitude
Weakness: bad 90's clothes
Wins: - 


Name: Ash Ketchum
A.K.A.: Pokemon Master
Hometown: Pallet Town
Known For: Wanting to be the very best
Strength: Never aging
Weakness: Doesn't know when to give up
Wins: - 

Kimberly rocks out with her cock out - er -- well, you know what I mean. Kimberly oozes sexuality without beating you over the head with it. Tag along her kick ass fighting skills and you have one young boy's favorite fantasy (well I wanted to be her). Ash has the best job in the world. He gets to live out my favorite video game and never grow old. This one has turned into which franchise do I like more. And the staying power of Power Rangers is more apparent in my apartment. This one goes to Kim. 

Conclusion: Kimberly Hart v Ash Ketchum

Monday, October 7, 2013

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Tommy Pickles v Superman

Name: Tommy Pickles
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: Unknown
Known For: Wearing a diapie
Strength: His plastic screw driver can open all gates
Weakness: Nap time
Wins: - 


Name: Superman
A.K.A.: Clark Kent
Hometown: Metropolis, KS
Known For: Wearing underwear outside his pants
Strength: He is a super man
Weakness: Kyptonite
Wins: - 

Tommy Pickles could solve any problem that arose in his life with either a screw driver or a well turned phrase that was wise way beyond his years. Clark Kent, is the most powerful super hero on Earth. He is a bit of a nerd (but so is Tommy). If this were a fight to the death, Supe would clearly win, but Tommy is way more epic. His adventures, though not as epic as Supe's, are more fun to watch even without all the explosions. 

Conclusion: Tommy Pickles v. Superman

Monday, September 30, 2013

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Metropolis: Willow Rosenberg v Harry Harry Potter

Name: Willow Rosenberg
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: Sunnydale, CA
Known For: Being a great BFF
Strength: Big Magicks
Weakness: Big Magicks
Wins: - 


Name: Harry Potter
A.K.A.: The Boy Who Lived
Hometown: Little Whinging
Known For: Breaking the rules and having a lightening bolt shaped scar
Strength: Never giving up
Weakness: Abusing his friends
Wins: - 

Magic versus Magick! If this were a fight to the death, Willow would win hands down - she would become evil and win. But considering that Harry just can't seem to die, she might have some trouble. Though, I'm sure that not even the boy who lived could survive loosing all of his skin (though season 9 of Buffy does disprove Warren's death). But if Willow doesn't go all dark, Harry would stand a much better chance. He would be able to outmaneuver her as he is less afraid to use dark magic. Now their epicness... Harry's life started a second wizarding war and twice brought the downfall of the Dark Lord. Willow, stood on the sidelines a lot , became evil, then stayed on the sidelines again. 

Conclusion: Willow Rosenberg v Harry Potter

Monday, September 23, 2013

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Magic Kingdom: Sailor Moon v Rory Gilmore

Name: Sailor Moon
A.K.A.: Tsukino Usagi, Serena, or Bunny
Hometown: Juban, Tokyo, Japan
Known For: Fighting evil by moonlight
Strength: Never giving up on her friend
Weakness: Crying
Wins: - 


Name: Rory Gilmore
A.K.A.: Lorelai
Hometown: Stars Hallow, Conn.
Known For: Reading a lot of books
Strength: Being really smart
Weakness: Making bad decisions (especially about love)
Wins: - 

Sailor Moon survives and thrives by believing in the power of herself and her friends, but mostly it is her love for the planet Earth and its main protector: Tuxedo Mask. She is lazy and always hungry but when push comes to shove she will lay the smack down on the monster and protect the world. Rory may not have super powers, but she is wicked smart. She uses her intelligence to help her mother (who herself is in an arrested development) solve her love and financial problems, while continuing to ruin her own. Sailor Moon is way more epic in her ability to forgive.

Conclusion: Sailor Moon v Rory Gilmore

Monday, September 16, 2013

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Bayside: Barney Stinson v The Tenth Doctor

Name: Barney Stinson
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: New York, NY
Known For: Legen... wait for it, dairy
Strength: Looks good in suits. Will seduce your sister.
Weakness: Monogamy
Wins: - 


Name: The Doctor
A.K.A.: The Tenth Doctor
Hometown: Gallifray
Known For: Running through time
Strength: Looking good in suits. Will seduce your Rose.
Weakness: Get's killed often
Wins: - 

Okay, so this round has seemed to turn into a round of who wore it best (a.k.a. who do I find more attractive). Both can rock a suit, both have hair that you want to run your hand through. Both are awesome! But who is more epic? Barney may have banged his way through the Upper West Side; but 10 has taken his Rose across time and space. But when push comes to shove, 10 would win my heart with his British accent. 

Conclusion: Barney Stinson v. The Tenth Doctor

Monday, September 9, 2013

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Hogwarts: Ariel v Hermione Granger

Name: Ariel
A.K.A.: The Little Mermaid
Hometown: Atlantica
Known For: Giving up everything to be with a man
Strength: Body Language
Weakness: Falling for traps
Wins: - 


Name: Hermione Granger
Hometown: Outside London
Known For: Being brainy and helping Harry Potter defeat Voldemort
Strength: Solving Problems and determination
Weakness: Gingers
Wins: - 

Childhood nostalgia aside, Ariel is awesome. She is so determined to get what she wants she is willing to throw away her entire life to get it. However, that is also her downfall, she is SO willing to give up her entire life for a man she doesn't even know, that she uses a "sea witch" (her aunt) to get it. While Hermione never turns to the dark arts to solve her problems. She never drops her friends for a boy (in fact she drops the boy for her friend). She is more powerful against the darkness and doesn't need saving. Sounds like Hermione is more epic! (That hurts right in the childhood.)

Conclusion: Ariel v Hermione Granger

Monday, August 12, 2013

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Metropolis: Frankenstein's Monster v Robin the Boy Wonder

Name: Frankenstein's Monster
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: Geneva
Known For: Walking with little flexibility
Strength: Compasion
Weakness: Misunderstood
Wins: - 


Name: Robin, the Boy Wonder
A.K.A.: Burt Ward
Hometown: Gotham City
Known For: Punching his fist into his other hand and saying "Holy BLANK Batman."
Strength: Looking good in tights
Weakness: No really super powers, but fights villains
Wins: - 

The boy wonder has a lot of camp and desire. He can "pow" and "bam" his way through many a fight, but usually finds himself tied up to something and needs to be saved by Batman. But his quest for rhyming words would help him win any poetry slams against his grumbling foe. Frankenstein's Monster was built from the parts of the dead and has very little smarts (at least the Universal - and most well known - version). As Frankenstein lumbers towards Robin, the boy wonder would try to fight but be quickly thrown off. As much as I love Robin, this round of Epicness has to go to the horror icon, Frankenstein's Monster.

Conclusion: Frankenstein's Monster v Robin

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Magic Kingdom: Rainbow Brite v Spider Man

Name: Rainbow Brite
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: Rainbow Land
Known For: Adding color to a dull world
Strength: Never giving up when she really believes
Weakness: Needs Star Sprinkles for magic to work
Wins: - 


Name: Spider Man
A.K.A.: Peter Parker
Hometown: Queens, New York
Known For: Protecting the innocent while messing up royally
Strength: Spider sense and web slinging
Weakness: Very afraid of revealing his regular
                                               Wins: - 

Sugar and spice and everything nice before there were the Power Puff Girls, Rainbow Brite was made of all the adorable qualities that little girls love. She never gives up on her cute friends and she loves adding color to a colorless world. She has the help of her rainbow friends to make all of her dreams come true. Peter Parker dreams of Mary Jane, his on-again-off-again girlfriend/wife, but most of the time he can't be with her, due to his web slinging and constant battle with keeping his mask on. His distractibility during a fight would make Rainbow Brite a prime candidate for winning this battle, but she is too nice and since he isn't usually pulling color out of the world, she wouldn't see him as a threat. Spider Man on the other hand, usually finds himself in a battle that he would sling her up and run away before asking any questions. And Spidey lives to fight another day.

Conclusion: Rainbow Brite Spiderman

Monday, July 29, 2013

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Bayside: Liz Lemon v Captain Planet

Name: Liz Lemon
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: New York City
Known For: Writing "The Girlie Show"
Strength: Putting up with child-like adults
Weakness: Food
Wins: - 


Name: Captain Planet
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: Earth
Known For: Being combined from "Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart"
Strength: Saving the planet from pollution
Weakness: Pollution
Wins: - 

When "your powers combine" he is Captain Planet. He helps protect the world from polluters and with his super strength is a formidable foe. But when you are as lazy as Liz Lemon, but have a heart of gold Captain Planet won't find it easy to fight against you. Sure, he might make her feel guilty for not taking better care of her body, and he would totally give her a talking to about being more active in stopping global warming, but considering the group of people she works with Liz Lemon knows how to ignore people talking to her (or she'd just learn more about that from Jenna). 
This round goes to Liz Lemon being more epic!

Conclusion: Liz Lemon v Captain Planet

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Trip Report: Las Vegas v. WDW

I deplaned and waited anxiously for my bus to pull away. If feels like I’ve been traveling for days but it was probably just the build up of coming here. Seeing my old friends, making new ones. As the bus winds its way to my hotel I see wonderful theming. Each hotel a world away from each other though being within a few miles of the next. The scaled down objects found across the world invite me in to shop and dine and enjoy all the entertainment attractions offered at each of these well themed areas.
            I finally arrive at my hotel, exhausted and ready to call it a night, so I can be up early to enjoy a grand buffet with my friends.
            I am not talking about Walt Disney World or Disneyland, but rather Las Vegas. I recently had a great trip there and couldn’t help notice the remarkably similar aspects between WDW and Vegas.
            I stayed at The Palms Casino Resort off of “The Strip.” This is a gorgeous hotel with all the amenities that one expects from a casino resort in Vegas, just a little further from other resorts.
            Although The Plams was not overly themed, they had so much going on at the resort, I never had to leave! Several sit down dinning restaurants, many quick service dinning options, two pools, MANY bars, a couple dance clubs, a movie theatre, and the casino floor itself. I only left the Palms three times. Once to look for a drug store, once to get Starbucks coffee, and once for the rehearsal dinner. Remind you of Eiser’s call to keep people on property by offering more and more things for them to do, and then providing bus services to even dissuade guests from renting cars.

            The strip itself had a lot of well themed hotels and areas with shows and attractions and shopping to appease the masses. Despite being hundreds of miles from WDW, I felt like I was home.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Hogwarts: James Bond v. C-3PO

Name: James Bond
A.K.A.: 007
Hometown: London
Known For: Kick ass spying
Strength: Weapons
Weakness: Checkered past that keeps catching up with him.
Wins: - 


Name: C-3PO
A.K.A.: '3PO
Hometown: Tatooine
Known For: Being part of the team that took down the Empire
Strength: Speaking thousands of languages
Weakness: Can't bend arms
Wins: - 

Built by Darth Vader himself, C-3PO has a long history of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But without his counterpart R2D2 pushing him does C-3PO have what it takes to take out the world's best spy? James Bond has all the high tech toys that can keep him in a long battle with C-3PO as '3PO cowers in fear. With C-3PO being captured by Jawas in his first appearance, and Bond being much stronger and smarter than Jawas, Bond wins!

Conclusion: James Bond v C-3PO

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

D23 Costume

This year I'm starting my Halloween/Comic Con costume early so I can take it to D23, the Disney convention.

This year I'm going to be cosplaying as Mary Poppins:

So my friend Cee Cee is making a lot of the costume for me. Cee Cee is a professional costumer and is making the carpet bag and skirt; and is altering the coat, shirt and gloves for me. Plus she's doing something to make that hat look better. 

So that leaves the scarf, umbrella, shoes, and wig.

Well to do this I had to learn to crochet: 
My first row.

So I lost a stitch in the middle of the dark pink row. 

Laying flat. Can't notice the missing stitch anymore.

With a more Poppins nod.
This came in yesterday.

Scarf and umbrella.
The shoes also came in, but I had to return them, they were too small. :(