Monday, September 30, 2013

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Metropolis: Willow Rosenberg v Harry Harry Potter

Name: Willow Rosenberg
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: Sunnydale, CA
Known For: Being a great BFF
Strength: Big Magicks
Weakness: Big Magicks
Wins: - 


Name: Harry Potter
A.K.A.: The Boy Who Lived
Hometown: Little Whinging
Known For: Breaking the rules and having a lightening bolt shaped scar
Strength: Never giving up
Weakness: Abusing his friends
Wins: - 

Magic versus Magick! If this were a fight to the death, Willow would win hands down - she would become evil and win. But considering that Harry just can't seem to die, she might have some trouble. Though, I'm sure that not even the boy who lived could survive loosing all of his skin (though season 9 of Buffy does disprove Warren's death). But if Willow doesn't go all dark, Harry would stand a much better chance. He would be able to outmaneuver her as he is less afraid to use dark magic. Now their epicness... Harry's life started a second wizarding war and twice brought the downfall of the Dark Lord. Willow, stood on the sidelines a lot , became evil, then stayed on the sidelines again. 

Conclusion: Willow Rosenberg v Harry Potter

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