Wednesday, July 17, 2013

D23 Costume

This year I'm starting my Halloween/Comic Con costume early so I can take it to D23, the Disney convention.

This year I'm going to be cosplaying as Mary Poppins:

So my friend Cee Cee is making a lot of the costume for me. Cee Cee is a professional costumer and is making the carpet bag and skirt; and is altering the coat, shirt and gloves for me. Plus she's doing something to make that hat look better. 

So that leaves the scarf, umbrella, shoes, and wig.

Well to do this I had to learn to crochet: 
My first row.

So I lost a stitch in the middle of the dark pink row. 

Laying flat. Can't notice the missing stitch anymore.

With a more Poppins nod.
This came in yesterday.

Scarf and umbrella.
The shoes also came in, but I had to return them, they were too small. :(

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