Friday, July 12, 2013

If I Ruled The World: Magic Kingdom

Now that the colonies are under better control, I can turn my attention to the capital, the Magic Kingdom.

If I Ruled the World: Magic Kingdom
(not too much change)
Main Street, USA:
• Main Street doesn’t have a lot going for it. It’s the shopping district of the Magic Kingdom, and I’m fine with that. What I don’t like here (and in other parts of the park) is every time there is a parade, they lay tape on the ground. This takes a lot of manpower and doesn’t look great. I want to embed metal strips into the ground, in the exact locations of where the tape gets laid.
Carousel of Progress Main Street edition
Back where they belong
• Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. I LOVE this game. On more than one occasion I’ve spent the entire day playing the game. I want to see more locations. There is nothing in Tomorrowland nor Storybook Circus. Expand the game.
• Whatever happened to the Swan Boats? Well, they are back!
• Move the Carousel of Progress to Main Street, and bring back Walt’s original ending. It harkens back to the glory days of Walt, although it would play with the timeline of Main Street, it just fits in better with the theme of “Yesterday” better than “Tomorrow.”

• Let’s start with the now emptied space that was the Carousel of Progress. I actually want to make it part 2 of the Carousel of Progress. Have the final scene just a 10 years in the future, so the first scene would be 1980, followed by ‘90, 2000, and the final scene being ’10. Then, as we approach ’20, dismantle the ’80 scene and move everything up. This updated scene would continue to highlight the newest marvels. I would like to see Apple sponsor this pavilion.
• I’ve previously discussed moving the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor from Tomorrowland to Pixar Place in Hollywood Studios. I don’t know what I’d like to see instead, but Monsters have nothing to do with the future.
• The Tomorrowland Raceway. I’m not sure which of the flowing I would like better.
1. As cars have nothing to do with “tomorrow” they could be rethemed to be more futuristic – possible look like Jetson type cars, or even space ships.
2. Move the entrance over to Fantasyland and rethemed the cars to Pixar’s Cars.
Both of these could make perfect sense, but for now, I’ll leave it in Tomorrowland, as Fantasyland is going to have a lot of new attractions.

• With all the construction, I’ll wait to pass judgment on the current expansion.

Liberty Square:
• Liberty Square River Boat. I would update the Native Americans. This seems like the perfect place to include Pocahontas.

Woody's show building
(borrowed from Buzz's show building)
• Country Bear Jamboree. Update the score. Give us some digital quality songs.
 • Return the Diamond Horseshoe Review show. The building is so sad – that is when it is open.
• Add a Woody (from Toy Story) Ride. Frontierland is tight on space, so the show building would be outside the brim, right where the parade route ends. (The parade would be onstage for a bit longer as it would follow the new path created for Woody.) As for the content of the ride, I don’t have any ideas yet.

• Just like the hat at Hollywood Stuidos, I don’t like Aladdin’s Magic Carpets. They just take up space! So they are gone!
• The Swiss Family Tree House needs some TLC. I would like to see it rethemed somehow, but from my understanding the retheming to Tarzan at Disneyland didn’t bring in the crowds. Maybe it has just served it’s purpose and it’s time to reclaim that land for some other walk through exhibit.

• God I LOVE this show! But I hate the crowds. There have been many times when I enter the park just as Wishes begins and I can’t get up Main Street (let alone into Tomorrowland). So I would just want them to use the new line built into the ground to keep a path open for pedestrians. Perhaps these lines could have fiber optics that get turned on during the evening parade and Wishes.
• The evening parade. I don’t like The Main Street Electrical Parade. The music sounds like it was made on a synthesizer. Bring back Spectromagic, or even better yet, how about a whole new parade.
 • Wishes Desert Party. I enjoyed the Wishes Desert Party, but I wanted something more for my money. A second level should be added to the Tomorrowland Terrace. From this second level, we would have an excellent view of Wishes, and then the audience would be able to enjoy the evening parade too.

Now that my Kingdom is perfect, I can rest and relax until I see what the New Fantasyland looks like.

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