Friday, July 5, 2013

If I Ruled The World: EPCOT

If you haven’t realized by now, EPCOT is my favorite park, but that doesn’t stop it from needing some major and some minor work. My desire to learn about science and culture comes through EPCOT.
If I Ruled the World: New EPCOT Map

Over All:
• Illuminations: I love Illuminations, but I want an updated score.

Future World:
Over All: • Bring back logos. I love them, and they should be used. Logos are part of are daily lives again, thanks to social media apps (look to the left to see the social media buttons and see it you can name them just from their buttons).

Universe Of Energy Pavilion:
• This ride just needs some updating. A new Ellen Audio Animatronic. The new Jack Sparrow one looks so much like Jonny Depp, but Ellen’s barely looks like her.
• Maintain the story line of the entire show, but give more time for alternate forms of energy (Bill Nye just glosses over them)

Wonders of Life Pavilion:
• Do something with this. Either turn it in to a permanent attraction (not just a festival center). Or have more festivals. I would love to have a body pavilion again.
• It could focus of DNA and genetic research.

New Physis Pavilion
(courtesy of Hollywood
Studios Map)
Physics Pavilion:
• In between the Space and the Transportation pavilions, I would like a physics pavilion.
• Sum of All Thrills would set up permanent residence there, in a much larger capacity.

New walkway from World
Showcase to Future World
The Imagination Pavilion:
• Do something upstairs. This space is currently used for storage, but Imagination is supposed to be limitless. This could be a playground for new technology where guests provide feedback on the ease of use.
• What does Captain EO have to do with imagination? Get rid of this film and have Figment do something in the theatre.
• I would also open up a path that goes from World Showcase to the Imagination Pavilion.

The Land Pavilion:
• Soarin’ needs another theatre.
Two show buildings for Soarin'
• I would also change the movie in Soarin’. I just don’t think it’s right for the Florida park to be soaring over California. It should be a more national view.
• Circle of Life, update the film. Use HD footage, etc.

The Seas Pavilion:
Finding Nemo Musical show building
from Animal Kingdom
• This is where the Nemo Musical belongs.

World Showcase:
• Unique merchandise at each location, and all merchandise found in each country will only be found in that country and nowhere else.
People mover track

• People mover. Here is another place where a people mover can come in handy. There would be a stop at every other country. It would be above and through the pavilions.
       o Stops Include:
            • Trading Post East
            • Norway
            • Current Outpost
            • Italy
            • Japan
            • France
            • UK
            • Trading Post West
            • There is no connections between the two trading posts, as to not ruin the view across World Showcase Lagoon

White space means open real estate.
Of course the World Showplace would be closed.

• Fill it In! See the Google map for expansion locations. I don’t care what countries are put in, but it’s time for more countries.
• As for the countries that are currently there, just update films all around and a good paint job.

Just one more park left to spend my unlimited funds.

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