Thursday, July 25, 2013

Trip Report: Las Vegas v. WDW

I deplaned and waited anxiously for my bus to pull away. If feels like I’ve been traveling for days but it was probably just the build up of coming here. Seeing my old friends, making new ones. As the bus winds its way to my hotel I see wonderful theming. Each hotel a world away from each other though being within a few miles of the next. The scaled down objects found across the world invite me in to shop and dine and enjoy all the entertainment attractions offered at each of these well themed areas.
            I finally arrive at my hotel, exhausted and ready to call it a night, so I can be up early to enjoy a grand buffet with my friends.
            I am not talking about Walt Disney World or Disneyland, but rather Las Vegas. I recently had a great trip there and couldn’t help notice the remarkably similar aspects between WDW and Vegas.
            I stayed at The Palms Casino Resort off of “The Strip.” This is a gorgeous hotel with all the amenities that one expects from a casino resort in Vegas, just a little further from other resorts.
            Although The Plams was not overly themed, they had so much going on at the resort, I never had to leave! Several sit down dinning restaurants, many quick service dinning options, two pools, MANY bars, a couple dance clubs, a movie theatre, and the casino floor itself. I only left the Palms three times. Once to look for a drug store, once to get Starbucks coffee, and once for the rehearsal dinner. Remind you of Eiser’s call to keep people on property by offering more and more things for them to do, and then providing bus services to even dissuade guests from renting cars.

            The strip itself had a lot of well themed hotels and areas with shows and attractions and shopping to appease the masses. Despite being hundreds of miles from WDW, I felt like I was home.

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