Monday, October 21, 2013

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Magic Kingdom: Mario Mario v. Robert Langdon

Name: Mario Mario
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: Mushroom Kingdom
Known For: Finding his princess
Strength: Magic mushrooms
Weakness: Three hits
Wins: - 


Name: Robert Langdon
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: Boston, Mass
Known For: Writing a lot of books about iconology
Strength: Knowing a lot of random bits of information about paintings
Weakness: Falling in love with any given woman
Wins: - 

Mario Mario (commonly called "Mario") revolutionized American gaming, and has been a staple in my gaming library for the better part of 20 years. Robert Langdon is an art history professor that gets drawn into many adventures (much like Mario). And by the end of each of their stories, they always seem to be in love. This round goes to Langdon though, as he has a job I would want.

Conclusion: Mario Mario v Robert Langdon

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