Monday, September 5, 2011

Costume Update: Frog Day 3

Ninja FalonMegaZord Costume progress:

So it wasn't until day three that I actually decided to take pictures as photo evidence of the "fun" I'm having.

 The first two days were fraught with dead ends as I figured out how to make this monster. Duct tape wasn't strong enough to hold the shape and the all purpose glue I bought did nothing. So a trip to the craft store and I bought a glue gun and that has held everything together.

 Here are the pictures of Frog on Day 3. One more day and it should be finished.

The Toy, front
The toy, side
Toy and Costume Front
Toy and costume side

Costume front, without eyes

Leg front

Leg side

Head front. I ran out of black paint... :(

Head back. Note the little box inside... for my cellphone/wallet

I still haven't figured out how I'll be holding it up. I saw one Megazord with ropes to hold up the midsection. I think suspenders might do the trick, and be more secure. 

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