Sunday, October 9, 2011

Costume Update: Finish!

Ninja MegaFalconZord:

Falcon wings, back

Falcon wing back, close up.

Other wing

Toy wing, back

Toy wing, front

Front of wings

Front detailed view

Wings on the bear.

I attached the wings using screws and anchors. This should do a much better job than glue.
I also anchored in the ape (and wolf). 

I used the anchors to attach the Falconzord to the bear.

Torso from the back

Torso from the front.
I've got to say, the wings are looking might nice! 

Old Navy flip flops make great knee pads. 
He's chillin' on my recliner. 

Maxin' and relaxin'

Ninja MegaFalconZord toy

Chibi and Mecha, bff's

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