Sunday, February 7, 2010

snOMGasm! (Blizzard 2010 a photo essay)

Outside my building. The cars are buried under the snow. I thank the lord my car is tucked safely inside the building! I left at around 2 for a lunch date with a friend in Downtown Silver Spring.
I take the first step into the un-shoveled grassy area behind those cars on my way to Easly Street. 
A snow/ice covered tree. They're down all over DC. Leaving over 200,000 residents without power! (My building lost power for about 10 minutes and I was freaking out! I've never lost power in the winter) 
Uphill on Easly. I don't think it had been plowed yet. But as you can see, there were some nice tire marks making paths for the few brave pedestrians.  
One kind home-owner has already shoveled a path on what Silver Spring calls sidewalks. But not enough home-owners did this, so I was banished to the car-less street.
PEOPLE! My first sighting! Walking uphill I come to a plateau and see people! They to are taking advantage of the tire tracks as easier walk ways.  
This home-owner cleared a nice path to get into his/her home! Look at how high that pile is compared to the window!  
  Another gorgeous tree covered in ice and snow.
Finally hit the end of the second block from my apartment and it only took 15 minutes! (lol)  I thought this would be the best time to take a picture of myself, you know, when the snow is blowing into my face
Look at those icicles! They look over three feet long! I wouldn't want to walk under them. It would be like Mario in an ice world, where he could die if he misjudges the time of the falling icicles. 
This car had just given up! The side walk is close to the bushes on the left and the fence on the right. Normally this road has cars parked on both sides and enough room for two way traffic!
Knee high snow drift that I had to cross to make it to my final destination. 
Downtown (DT) Silver Spring! Just 30 minutes (normally 12 minute walk). The sidewalks are nice, but normally the amount of people in DT overflow onto the street, not today. Not a single store was open in DT, though I believe one pub was serving today.
Jenn and I discover that all the stores are closed, so we trek around. Settle in a Tastee Diner (my first time there ever).
After watching some TV at Jenn's I decide to leave before the sun sets and it gets too cold. I was a little disappointed to see that the snow had stopped.
Tastee Diner all lit up, under the snow.
  Georgia Ave (a major artery to DC) doesn't look like it's been plowed in the past few hours.
The DT sign is covered in snow, surrounded by snow. A lonely man has the task of clearing the path.
During the warmer months this is fountain. I can't even seen the pool where the water would sit!
More paths throughout the DT plaza. The people in the background were digging paths while their children played in the snow. 
I was confused. Why were they all congregating here? I checked it out, and nothing but more maze-like paths.
I chose to walk in the snow, but this woman chose to walk on one of the nice paths, while carrying her dog, wrapped in a giant scarf.
The Mariott in DT has great lights in the sidewalk. Here you can see the lights are lit and they illuminated the snow. This was really cool.
On Bonifant, the roads are looking pretty good, but now the people have to dig out their cars!  
On a side street, the snow had not been plowed (thigh high) but walking in the tire tracks.
  Yes, he's skiing!
  I couldn't believe it! I've never seen it before.
I head through the park and see a dad and his son sledding! How fun. I wish I had a sled. Gonna need to get one before the next snow storm. 
I was walking in the foot prints of others, but then chose to go it on my own. I was sweating and huffing walking in thigh high snow. 
That's my feet again. Where are they? Under the snow. Those are my thighs in the snow. My trench coat was pushed up way too high. I quickly left my exploitative path and ran home. It was a fun day, but I'm happy to be safe (and warm) in my apartment. 

I've only finished 2 bottles of wine! I still have three more! Here's hoping for a snow day on Monday to give me plenty of time to polish off the wine.

Happy snOMG2, snOMGasm, snowpocalypse, snowmageddon and possibly my favorite snObama!




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that pic of you with the snow blowing in your face is priceless.

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Cool..You must be too courageous to do that!

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