Sunday, September 6, 2009

Julius Caesar

This past summer I got to spend a glorious week in the NYC metro area. I partied the weekend away and saw two Free Shakespeare Shows.

I saw Julius Caesar performed Gorilla Style by the Gorilla Repertory Theatre. It was performed WAY uptown near the Cloisters. It took about an hour on metro just to get up there, but it was worth it. This Gorilla style was performed in a beautiful setting in a park. There were many different playing areas, but the three most powerful were: the cliff walk way - used in a vital into scene where the conversation began  before the audience could see the actors, so it truly felt like we were eves dropping on a scene; the stair - two stories high at least, was used to make powerful statements about power and its inequities; and the tunnel - again, another long walk way that really made it seem that we were eves dropping.

The cast of mostly men were powerful and moving, and didn't allow this sometimes slow moving play to drag.

I was worried about not sitting in a seat to experience theatre, but because each scene took place in a different location, I wasn't on the ground too much, and there were lots of leaning places.

I hope that next summer, I'll be able to catch another show by them.

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