Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Three Hour Tour...

Ok, so I don't hide it... I love driving! I love tanking up my car, burning the fossil fuels and traveling at 70 miles an hour to some desitination. I love taking back roads and using my high beams.

But what do you do for the hours on end. Here's my usual run down.

Gas the car before the trip (or usually to a half tank to get me out of the city and to the cheaper gas).
After about 30 minutes into the trip I stop for a bathroom break, gas if needed, and coffee (with only one good eye, driving is a bit of a strain).
During that first leg I usually jam out to musical theatre.

Now it's the second leg. The shoes come off, and podcast comes on (right now always about Disney). Set the car in cruise control and "play games;" my favorite being that once I'm in cruise I pick a lane (center if its a three lane road, right if only two) then I try to stay in the lane without breaking (so I have to time the lane switching for passing) Childish I know, but it keeps me amused.

About 1 - 1.5 hours later, time for a stretch break. More coffee (if needed) but definitely some sort of food. This break is usually signifies a state crossing (usually just before or just after Delaware: see Delaware rant lower). Then it's time to listen to an audio book. God these things are amazing! In the past five years, I've probably read just as many audio books as regular books.

Finally I'm getting antzy and am ready for another break, but am so close to my destination I just push through. When I arrive I use the restroom and am so jonesed up on coffee that I can't even sit down for about a hour!

It's soooo much fun...

DELAWARE: I hate driving through Delaware. I've been driving on 95 in Delaware for 7 years. I always hit traffic. 95 in Delaware is 5 miles long. It usually takes 30 -45 minutes! I HATE DELAWARE!!!!!

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