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Happy 100th Post: Top 10: Buffy Characters

Celebrating 100 Posts
Top Ten List #7 (Items 61- 70)
Top Ten Buffy Characters

10. Giles – Watcher/Father Figure – He served as a great figurehead, until we learned that he was just a pawn. Then he became to look like a pawn and act like one. Then when Buffy left high school, even though she still needed him far after then, he left her to flounder. His yo-yoing between the states and the UK in the later seasons made him more reminiscent of Buffy’s actual dad (dead beat starting in middle seasons) than the positive role model he was supposed to be.

Best Episode: A New Man.

9. Joyce – Mom. Jocye was a great character. She served a wonderful purpose as an oblivious adult. Once she discovered Buffy’s secrete she seemed like a new ally, until Buffy all but cut Joyce out of her life.

Best episode while alive: Band Candy; while dead: The Body.

8. Cordelia – Cheerleader/Bane. Coridelia started off as a minor character, she was just there to annoy Buffy and remind Buffy what life was like before being the Chosen One. Then she found out about vampires and such and grew into a great character. After grad, on Angel, Cory really began to show why her life was worth saving.

Best Episode on Buffy: Homecoming; On Angel: Birthday.

7. Faith – The Chosen One/Bad Girl. Buffy dies. Kendra’s called. Kendra dies… we get Faith. Faith was an unloved Bostonian who didn’t have boundaries. She fell in with a bad crowd (The Mayor) because she didn’t quite fit in with the Scoobs.

Best Episode on Buffy This Year’s Girl (Part 1)/Who Are You (Part 2); On Angel Five by Five.

6. Angel – Vampire/Love Interest. Angel was sexy and broody for the first few seasons. He was Buffy’s first true love and I still believe the two of them are destined to be together (although I’m not too far into Season 8). He turned tale too soon and seemed to be happier without Buffy on Angel. The worst trait of Angel, David aged. Angel on Season 5 of Angel looks SOOO much older than Angel on Season 1 of Buffy.

Best Episode on Buffy: Amends; On Angel: I Will Remember You

5. Glory – Big Bad (Season 5). Glory was the Big Bad to end all Big Bads. She had the best reason to want the end of the world: it was just a side effect of her wanting to return to her home dimension. She also had the most personality of them all. The best part of her character was the duality of her and Ben.

Best Episode: Blood Ties

4. Willow – Nerd/Witch/Best Friend. Willow loved Buffy (not in the romantic kind of way). Those two are how I model all of my friendships. Willow was smart and intuitive. Her rise into magic seemed like a natural occurrence. However, it was a big shock when she came out!

Best Episode: Dobblegangland.

This marks Willow's second appearance on the meta list.

3. Buffy – The Chosen One. Buffy was an amazing character in the series (a bit too whiney in Seasons 7 and the comic Season 8). Her character arc was very organic as she went from despising her job to accepting it and then handing it off (until Season 8). Buffy showed us girl power at it’s best, when the Spice Girls were showing a different type of girl power.

Best Episode: The Body

2. Evil Willow – Big Bad (Season 6). Evil Willow is completely different from regular Willow (who is completely different from vamp Willow). Evil Willow is just a vessel for magic and rage. She showed no remorse and HAS a soul! She rocked as a Big Bad.

Best Episode: Two to Go

Willow's third appearance.

1. Xander – Comic relief/Best Friend. Xander, although useless in the later seasons, was incredible funny at the start (and sexy!). He gave the show some groundedness. He gained no magical power as the women around him moved into higher plains. He remained human. He struggled to maintain his friendships. He was normal.

Best Episode: The Zeppo

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