Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy 100th Post: Top 10: Courses in Undergrad

Celebrating 100 Posts
Top Ten List #8 (Items 71- 80)
Top Ten Courses I took at American University

Title Semester Description Final Project Final Grade
10. EDU-371 Foundations of Reading Instruction S04 Beginning foundations of how to teach reading to young children. Group Project: Author Study of Roald Dahl A-
9. PERF-115G Theatre: Principles, Plays and Performances F02 Introduction to theatre history and play criticism. My computer crashed after my first term and I don’t have any records from this class. A
8. LIT-125G Great Books That Shaped The Western World F03 Introduction to the 3’x3’ shelf of great Western fiction (from The Bible through Shakespeare). Final Paper: What Shakespeare thought of Women: A Comparison of Enlightenment Ideologies and Women in Shakespearean Tragedies B
7. EDU-519 Uses of Technology In Education F04 The uses Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Power Point, iMovie and Inspiration as tools for teaching. Final Project: Create a unit connecting tech to curriculum and “student samples.” Students will use Dreamweaver to make a title, Power Point to show story board and iMovie to edit an acted piece of Shakespearean text. A
6. ANTH-235G Early America: The Buried Past S05 A look at Colonial America through houses, privies and family lineage. Final Paper/Project: Family History/Tree and research model A-
5. EDU-212 Methodology of Sign Language S05 Sign Language level 1 Final Paper: Double Pleasure: An Inside Look At The Deaf/Gay Community

Final Project: Sign a Song: Boys and Girls by Good Charlotte
4. ENVS-396 Selected Topics: Non-Recurring

Natual History Of The Florida Keys
S05 (seems like a good semester) We went snorkeling in the Florida Keys… that’s about it. Final Project (while still in the field): A Power Point presentation of some of the fish we saw and details of their natural habitats. A
3. EDU-319 Children’s Lit: The Multicultural and International Approach S04 A guide to evaluating Children’s Lit for cultural bias and relevancy to modern education. Final Project: Create a children’s book: I wrote Cinder Elmo a gay retelling of Cindrella. A
2. PERF-252 Fundamentals of Acting II S03 Shakespeare monologues, contemporary monologues, contemporary scenes. Final Presentation: Serenading Louie with write up B+
1. EDU-552 Teaching Methods: Teaching Mathematics In Elementary Education F05 Math skills and their pedagogy. Final Project: Practical application of a Math lesson plan. A
0 EDU-499 Student Teaching S06 Full time internship in 3rd grade. This “class” had to be included because it was the best semester of undergrad, but wasn’t quite a class. Final Project: ePortfolio and evaluations. A

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