Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy 100th Post: Top 10: Power Rangers

In order to celebrate my 100th blog post, and in honor of the time honored traditions of New Year Top 10 Lists, my next ten posts will be Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Mighty Morphing Power Rangers

10. Trini – Lack of characterization and centralized plot AND the fact that Yellow was a man in the Japanese version, leaves Trini with a lot to be desired. I wasn’t upset when she left the show.

9. Aisha – Replacement for Trini, Aisha might have had more character, but still so far removed from the central plot, that the only reason she remained interesting was because of her friendship with Kimberly.

8. Zack – Here’s where the list is kind of ‘eh. I have no opinion either way with Zach. However, I’m always excited when I see Walter Jones in anything.

7. Rocky – Middle of the list again. I was happy when he was demoted to Blue Zeo Ranger (although I was sad when Billy was no longer the Blue Ranger).

6. Adam – To quote Adam himself “I’m a Frog.” Actually he’s quite an attractive man and one of my crushes as a child.

5. Kat – Kat to over for Kimberly as the Pink Ranger, and really got my blood boiling because she was so good at being bad (under Rita’s control) and was Australian!

4. Jason – swoon. His macho muscles and monosyllabic retorts have made him what I think when I hear someone say “masculine.” When he returned in Zeo Rangers as the Gold Ranger I probably creamed myself.

3. Kimberly – God, I wanted to be Kim. She was a gymnast (my secret desire). And she dated Tommy. She was one of the first original characters to stop being a caricature.

2. Tommy – His hair, his earring, swoon. Everything I found attractive in a male as a child (before I knew men where attractive).

1. Billy – I felt the most like Billy; a nerd and outcast who was more interested in books and learning than most anything else.

I loved the Power Rangers.

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