Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy 100th Post: Top 10: iTunes Songs on Shuffle

Celebrating 100 Posts
Top Ten List #4 (Items 31- 10)
Top Ten Songs on my iPhone when I hit “Shuffle”
10. You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want When You’re Making Love – from Avenue Q
I first saw this musical with two blind friends and their dogs. We had asked for accessible seating, the theatre gave us the last row in the theatre with no leg room for the dogs!
9. Secrets – by Anastacia
I downloaded this song as part of the Freak of Nature album, that includes “One Day in Your Life.” I had forgotten about Anastacia for years, then fell back in love with her just a few months ago.
8. Love Will Turn Back the Hands of Time – from Grease 2
I love this movie. It is possibly one of my favorite movies! I know that this is supposed to be a bad movie, but I enjoy it. I enjoy the retelling of the original; and the updated rock music. This song also rocks because it’s sung by Michele Pfeiffer while wearing a Christmas Tree!
7. Be A Clown – from De-Lovely
An awkwardly placed song in an generally good movie. I wasn’t a big Cole Porter fan before watching this movie, and since, I can usually enjoy his music in revivals, not originals.
6. Straitjacket – by Alanis Morissette
Alanis rocks. No more to say.
5. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich – by Lady Gaga
I was late to the Gaga table, but once I sat down to eat, I’ve gorged myself on all things Gaga. Gaga got me in drag for the first time!
4. Let’s Light the Christmas Tree – artist unknown
I have a LOT of Christmas music (so much so that I’m surprised it only made one appearance on this list). I also have a lot of Christmas music from my mom’s 45s (the single version of a record). One Christmas I recorded these 45s into Garage Band and digitized them; so most of them remain without an artist.
3. I’ll Cover You – from Rent (Broadway)
Such an amazing song. I’ve had this soundtrack since the mid-90’s. (Over a decade before I actually got to see the show).
2. Self Inflicted – by Katy Perry
I got caught up in Perry right about the time “Hot and Cold” came out as a single. She has such great songs, but is a bit too socially conservative and Transphobie. I wish another artist would release her songs.
1. Straight To…Number One – from Queer as Folk (Season 1)
QuaF makes a third appearance on this list. I started watching QuaF with the first episode. I had just been permitted to have a cable box in my bedroom, and I would keep it really low so the man-on-man sex wouldn’t wake up my parents.

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