Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy 100th Post: Top 10: Walt Disney World Attractions

Celebrating 100 Posts
Top Ten List #3 (Items 21- 30)
Top Ten Walt Disney World Attractions

View from Hollywood Blvd.
 10. Tower of Terror – Free fall for 13 stories, Twilight Zone overlay, creepy trackless elevator cars. This ride has it all for a thrill seeker.
Inside the cue

9. Dinosaur! – Disney’s Animal Kingdom doesn’t have much going for it, but one reason to visit is Dinosaur!. It has great animatronics a wonderful story and pretty good scares.
Exterior to "The Land" which houses "Soarin'"
8. Soarin’ – This would have been higher on the list had Disney Imagineers actually changed the movie, it just doesn’t make sense for an Orlando attraction to be “Soaring over California.”
Exterior to "Universe of Energy"
7. Universe of Energy – Ellen’s making a second appearance in this series. I think Ellen’s humor is timeless and despite the ride needing major updates on the feasibility on alternate fuel sources, it remains one of my “Must Dos.”
Eric in cue at "Haunted Mansion"
6. Haunted Mansion – When I first rode this (when I was 13), I couldn’t believe the omni-movers. This technology was so foreign to me. Add into that the wonderful story and great sight gags (despite watching a “how’d they do that” on the dancing ghosts I’m still not 100% clear on the workings of it).
Not my photo
5. Carousel of Progress – This is another ride in need of an update. (Either scrap it all and start it from the 1980’s or revert back to Walt’s original and have it as an homage to times gone by – possibly move it to Main Street then). It’s slow but the tells an interesting story and the animatronics were amazing for the time!
View of "TTA" and "Space Mountain" from "Astro Orbiters."
4. TTA/Wedway People Mover – The best attraction in Magic Kingdom because: bird’s-eye-view of Tomorrowland; inside view of Space Mountain; scale model of EPCOT City; and once again great ride vehicle technology.
Inside pre-show area.
3. Voyage of the Little Mermaid – The props have seen better days, as have the technology used to make this show in the early 90’s, but nothing is better than a 20 minute show with the musical highlights of my favorite Disney movie and all under some funky black lights!
Pre-show screen.
2. Finding Nemo: The Musical – Once again, Animal Kingdom leaves me wanting never to return, but this musical is great. It quickly retells the story of the movie, but with new songs and great puppets.
Eric and I in front of "Spaceship Earth."
1. Spaceship Earth – This is omni-mover technology at its best. The tales of communication from cave drawings to the Internet! How amazing! Throw in Dame Judy Dench and we have a winner!

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