Sunday, August 10, 2014

Epic Battle of Epicness: Round 1: Magic Kingdom: Lisa Simpson v. Han Solo

Name: Lisa Simpson

A.K.A.: -
Hometown: Springfield
Known For: Being Level Headed
Strength: Super smart when compared to every other citizen in her world
Weakness: Social awkward
Wins: - 


Name: Han Solo
A.K.A.: -
Hometown: Corillia
Known For: The Original Smolder
Strength: Shoots first
Weakness: Asks questions later
Wins: - 

Having been in the 2nd grade for over 20 years, Lisa has had so many different personalities that she might even be a little crazy. Han shot first, got the princess, and saved the galaxy a long time ago. Both stand up for what they believe in, but Han is way more epic.

Conclusion: Lisa Simpson v. Han Solo

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