Sunday, August 10, 2014

On The Road: Hotel: Traders Upper East

Hello All,

Another blog series is starting: On The Road! This series will be about my overseas adventures.

This first one collects a short video and pictures of my hotel, Traders Upper East Hotel Beijing. Pictures and commentary after the video.

So my school's housing wasn't ready yet, so they put us up in Traders for a few weeks. The hotel is nice and in a little shopping neighborhood with some nearby local stores, expat stores, and restaurants.

They hotel has a free buffet breakfast with typical American breakfast foods, like eggs and waffles, and typical Chinese breakfast foods, like fried rice and steamed buns.

View from entry door. 


Sitting Toilet 
King Size Bed

Head Board Light

Glass of Wine at the Hotel Bar

My first meal in China, a turkey sandwich with fried egg. (I had just gotten off of the plane and wanted to have something light before I crashed.)

My bill for the meal above. Yes, the glass of wine cost just about as much as the sandwich. But over all the whole meal only cost about $28 (on the expensive side based on some of the other places I've eaten since then, but this is the hotel restaurant).

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