Sunday, August 17, 2014

On The Road: Wandering around

Below you will find some pictures from wandering around the Lido (hotel) area.

Indoor jungle gym at the mall.

Warm milk? At the mall.

I found a Transformer but no Power Rangers at the mall. 
Coffee shop with a cute bistro.
Bus to school
Bra shop... probably frequented by Bob Loblaw Law Blog

Otis, the old man from my elevator back home, is here too! 

At Jenny Wongs... you'll have to ask to know the full story.

My meal that cost me $2.26 USD.

Rusted over art on the "water front."

Street signs.

Went to a market.

All this stuff inside the market.

Just a few eggs at the market.

"River" front.

Getting to the market.

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