Sunday, August 3, 2014

International Job Fair, Part 3

Interview Schedule: Saturday
Time School Name
8:30 SF Hong Kong
9:00 Venezuela Puero La Cruz
9:30 IS Beijing
10:00 -
10:30 -
11:00 Xiamen
11:30 -
12:00 Keystone
12:30 -
1:00 Venezuela Carabobo
1:30 -
2:00 Ruamrudd, Bangkok
2:30 -
3:00 -
3:30 -
4:00 TA SIS UK

Saturday started with a few notes in my mailbox, (Puerto La Cruz, IS Beijing, and TASIS UK have canceled). Then I started with ISF Hong Kong I honestly don’t even remember this interview, but I gave it a rating of Good interview, might go.

Then I took a long breakfast, where I checked my e-mail every ten minutes. Until I met with Xiamen. He was a great person, and the interview quickly went to “the pitch.” And as I left, he said, “Please don’t accept any offers until you speak with me.” Good. I marked it as a good interview, might go.

Keystone in Beijing. We spoke for 45 minutes. The pitch happened with the president of the school left me with the headmaster to go get some promotional material and the contract. Again I left with the “don’t accept any offers without talking to us first.” Rating: good interview, would go.

Carabobo, I don’t remember the interview, but I rated it, good interview, would not go.

Ruamrudd, interviewed with the principal and a priest. I knew this wasn’t going to be a good match, until the principal started talking about how the fathers are just the owners (not sure how that happens). Rated, good interview, might go.

Still no word from Nichimashi. So I talked to Sally, and while there, I got a phone call from Keystone. They offered me a job (K, 1, or 2, I don’t remember). I went back to Sally and she said to hear Keystone out and get a time line, then talk to Nichimashi and see what’s going on.

Keystone has a nice offer and have given me until February 10th to get back to them. I go to Nichimashi and the headmaster hasn’t heard from the principal either. But asks for me to wait patiently.

I meet up with Carrie for dinner and finally hear back from the principal and we schedule a skype interview for 10:30 that night. Also at dinner, I get an offer from Xiamen.

Head back to my room and pace until 10:30, have a great interview with the principal, and got a very personal story from him. Then I head down to the bar and run into some people I met (Sherman and Ms. London). Sherman and I buy a bottle of wine but she’s two sheets already. Ms. London is going to be going to Russia.

Sunday and beyond in part 4.

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