Sunday, August 10, 2014

International Job Fair, Final


I go back to the Hyatt, and run into Chadwick at breakfast. She’s really happy to hear that I have a job offer and wants to stay in touch. I also run into Nichimashi, and he has me sit down with him for a few minutes. I’m still feeling food.

I get my offer from Xiamen, they give me a 24 hour time frame to respond. It’s a great offer, but I decided that the city is too small for me, and on Monday I respond with a “No thank you.”

I leave Boston continually checking my e-mail.


All throughout the day, I’m checking my e-mail. Finally, at the end of the school day I hear back from Nichimashi, saying he will be checking references and getting back to me by Wednesday afternoon.


Constantly checking e-mail and hear back from some other schools. (Jeju, Shanghai AS, Shanghai Community and Monaza all say “no.”)


It’s a snow day, and I am constantly checking my e-mail, waiting for Nichimashi’s response. They respond that they went with a candidate with more international experience.

I respond to Keystone with "Yes!"

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